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Dr. Ben Sutter

How to introduce T-Scan to your patients

Dr. Robert Kerstein

Understanding the T-Scan graph

Dr. Ben Sutter

Using T-Scan for Occlusion Diagnostics

Dr Anton Lebedenko

Battle for Chairside Efficiency

Dr Mahmoud Ezzat

Digital Occlusion Made Easy

Dr George Tysowsky

Ceramic Materials Selection & Cementation Protocols

Dr Andrew Ellis

Principles of Occlusion in Implantology

Dr Mario Imburgia

Vertiprep and CAD approach in veneer restorations

Dr Jean van Lierop

A practical approach to posterior ceramics

Dr Philipp E. Schneider

Bioactive powder-liquid basic restorative material – Cention N

Dr Robert Kerstein

Digital Occlusion Technology to Prevent Destructive Occlusal Force Complications

Dr Jean van Lierop

Restore your Class IIs like a Pro in a 3hr virtual workshop (includes an IVOdeal Kit!)

Dr Andy Effting

Posterior indirect adhesive restorations

Dr Dittmar Eichhoff

Sleep during quarantine - role of the dentist

Dr Jad Alkareem

Introduction to Dental Lasers

Dr Mark Bowes

e.max Masterclass Advanced restorative tips & tricks

Dr Jean van Lierop

Tips & Tricks Making contact with sectional matrix systems

Dr Mark Bowes

Not every restoration can be bonded

Dr Alejandro Hepburn

Rationale for successful fibre post & core working process

Dr Stephné Fenwick

OptraGate Masterclass