About Us

“A qualification is only the start of the learning experience,” says Ivodent CEO and eCademy founder Gary Hockly.
“The eCademy intends to inspire and teach under the guidance of highly-experienced, motivational mentors.”

Why an eCademy?

Launched in September 2021, the Ivodent eCademy has been developed by leading South African dental distribution company Ivodent to add value to their customers and the wider dental community, by providing up-to-date, quality continued education – live and on demand and also In-Person courses. Product training, tips & tricks and information from key partners and suppliers is found under the Supplier tab. 

Ivodent’s CEO Gary Hockly believes that education and training are essential to achieve the best results when using the latest products and technology.

The Ivodent eCademy is designed to help dental and healthcare professionals achieve desired, predictable results to serve patients and clients at the highest level.

In addition to dentistry-specific content and training, the Ivodent eCademy will also offer interdisciplinary learning opportunities. Hockly has championed an integrated approach to health for years, believing this is essential in best treating dento-oral and facial growth, breathing and sleep disorders in paediatric and adult patients.

This eCademy is a partner of the Ivoclar Vivadent ICDE (International Center for Dental Education).

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About Ivodent

The Ivodent eCademy is hosted by Ivodent, one of South Africa’s most respected dental supply companies. Ivodent was founded by dental technician and businessman, Gary Hockly in 1998, serving clinical, digital and technical dentistry.

Ivodent delivers a quality range of innovative specialist products direct to over 1 500 dentists and dental laboratories throughout South Africa including; Ivoclar Vivadent (Clinical, Technical & Digital), EMS, Garrison, LM Instruments, Medesy, RTD, Yeti Dental, Elexxion, Florida Probe, Salli chairs, Horico, EVE, Tekscan, Planmeca, Intensive, Sagemax and PPE. 

Ivodent’s consumer-facing division – Ivohealth, supplies dental practices, pharmacies and major retailers with leading oral care brands including; Sunstar GUM, Dentyl, Olgani Naturals, Panasonic DentaCare, Aloclair, Salli Saddle Chairs, Thryve, Protefix and Letibalm.

Read more about Ivodent at ivodentonline.co.za and Ivohealth at ivohealth.co.za.

If you would like to buy products from us on IvodentOnline.co.za and need open an Ivodent Account, please complete our Online Account Application form and we will be in touch. 


Industry Experts

Meet some of our Instructors

Dr Mark Bowes
Dirna Grobbelaar
Dr Stephné Fenwick
Dr Jean van Lierop