Digital Occlusion Made Easy – Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat

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This lecture outlines a digital approach for finishing full mouth rehabilitation cases focusing on both esthetics and function.


In other lectures we’ve discussed and learned how digital tools can help us set up cases appropriately to manage some of the esthetic and functional concerns that these cases present.  Digital tools and techniques help us through this process and one that is often left out is ensuring that the final occlusion of the patient is balanced for both force and time.  All too often, after a complex case, static articulating paper marks aren’t giving us the data we need to ensure functional balance.  We plan, scan, analyze and set up the case as perfect as can be but upon delivery rely on a static medium to provide us with information.  Although these traditional analog methods provide us with contact location of the occlusion we do not see the full functional picture of what is happening over time. 

This Webinar Covers

  1. Understand some of the downfalls of relying on analog case finishing tools
  2. Learn key principles to follow that ensure long-term stability and comfort for your full mouth rehabilitations.
  3. Discover the full digital workflow and how to implement important techniques and technologies to drive optimal patient results.
  4. Includes Live patient demonstration with T-Scan

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Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat Ghazi Credentials

  • Board Member Digital Dentistry Society
  • President of Digital Dentistry Society (Arab Union)
  • Certified DSD Instructor

Dr. Ezzat has a full time private practice in Cairo specializing in Digital Esthetic and Implant dentistry since 2004. He lectures internationally on all aspects of Digital Dentistry mostly in Europe & The Middle East.

He is the editor of the Fixed prosthodontics chapter and author of the Digital occlusion section in the textbook, Digital Dentistry Science and Clinics.

In 2019 he was elected as a board member of Digital Dentistry Society.

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