Predictable, repeatable and Profitable Class IIs: 3hr Hands-on or Virtual Workshop + Kit


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Thursday 5 October from 5.30-8.30pm
Presented by Dr Jean van Lierop
10 spots at Ivodent Training Centre – balance on Zoom
Includes a Course Kit: Garrison sectional matrix system & Ivoclar direct restorative materials

Kit+Course fee R10 995.00 incl VAT  [Total VALUE of products is R15 800 SAVE R5 800!]

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Course objectives:

  • The predictability of simplicity
  • Speed vs quality: do we have to make a choice
  • How we can Build horizontally
  • The power of simple lines – Easy steps to create beautiful anatomy
  • Achieving ideal interproximal contacts in the posterior and anterior
  • Tips to solving the tricky cases that look impossible to do

Hands-on & Virtual Course Kit includes:

    • Garrison Dental:
  • Garrison Fusion Anterior matrix system: 4x bands, 8x wedges, 5x Blue View VariStrips
  • Garrison Strata-G Posterior sectional matrix system: 1x short molar ring, 1x placement forceps, 25x Strata-G bands, 10x Firm bands, 25x Strata-G wedges
  • Garrison full upper typodont with 16x tooth preps
    • Ivoclar Direct Restorative materials:
  • Tetric N-Bond Universal VivaPen – universal adhesive for direct and indirect bonding procedures
  • Tetric N-Flow Bulk Fill IVA – flowable 4mm bulk fill composite
  • Tetric N-Ceram A2 – packable universal nano-hybrid composite for anterior and posterior restorations

Course details:

Dr Jean Van Lierop will be presenting case studies and relevant materials supporting his practical approach to Class II’s. Using simplified techniques, he shows how to create beautiful restorations that are predictable, repeatable and don’t take hours to do, as well as how to achieve optimal interproximal contacts and contour.
Three hours x3 CPDs.  For product delivery from Ivodent you will need to open an Ivodent Account, we will connect with you to set this up after you have purchased the course on the eCademy.
x10 seats available at Ivodent Training Centre, St Michael’s Rd Obs,  Cape Town (pizza and refreshments served at Ivodent’s Good Company Café)
Virtual via Zoom – kit delivered prior if purchased before Mon 2 October.

NEW Garrison Strata-G system:

Garrison Dental Solutions’ all-new sectional matrix system: Strata-G™ – engineered to successfully complete a wider variety of Class II composite restorations. The new Strata-G™ system draws on Garrison’s more than 25 years of sectional matrix leadership to produce their most comprehensive and easy to use system.

The new Strata-G rings incorporate Garrison’s exclusive StrataBond™ silicone tips for flash reduction and Ultra-Grip™ retention extensions that eliminate ring “spring-off”.  Longevity and performance are maximized by the unique shape-memory of the molecularly aligned Nickel Titanium ring.

Five sizes of ultra-thin, dead-soft non-stick sectional matrix bands have the addition of an enhanced marginal ridge and graduated subgingival extensions to simplify band placement and removal.  Four sizes of Ultra-Adaptive inverted “V” shape wedges sits lower and seals deeper interproximally, feature soft “fins” that smoothly adapt matrix bands to tooth irregularities.

Further, Garrison has engineered stainless-steel ring placement forceps that make ring placement easier over the largest of molars regardless of hand size or strength, including an increased tip offset to improve access.  Combined with an additional tip notch to hold rings at a reversed angle for “butterfly” placement on MOD cases, the Garrison forceps are the most advanced ring placement forceps in dentistry.

Ivoclar Direct Restorative materials:

Tetric N-Line – the solution for all cavities.

Either efficiency or esthetics – that is all in the past for direct filling treatments. The motto for modern product solutions by Ivoclar is: individually good, together better! Maximize the efficiency of your restorations with quality products for efficient restorative treatments. Ivoclar offers you a portfolio of coordinated products for direct restorative procedures that enable you to achieve high-quality restorations with greater efficiency. Every product in Ivoclar Vivadent’s direct filling treatment portfolio stands for esthetics, quality and efficiency and each individually optimised working step combines to form an overall, well-coordinated and harmonious workflow. This way, it is possible to save time and money and at the same time achieve consistently good results.

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Predictable, repeatable and Profitable Class IIs: 3hr Hands-on or Virtual Workshop + Kit
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