Practical & Profitable Class IIs – 3hr Virtual & In-Person Workshop


Virtual & In-person Hands-on Workshop

Presented (recorded live: on Thurs 28 Oct) by Dr Jean van Lierop (part owner of and dentist at Smith and van Lierop, Cape Town and Style-Italiano trainer) who specialises in, and has an in-depth understanding of, advanced restorative dentistry.

Course cost for On-Demand
R5 700 (excl VAT) for the 3-hour session and INCLUDES an anterior & posterior Garrison sectional matrix kit and Ivoclar Vivadent restorative materials – (normal price is R11 495 – a saving of R5 630).  Limited kits.

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Kit contents
Upper arch typodont with four pre-prepped teeth
Tetric N-Bond Universal (Ivoclar Vivadent)
Tetric N-Line composites (Ivoclar Vivadent)
Composi-Tight 3D Fusion sectional matrix kit (Garrison Dental Solutions)
Fusion Anterior matrices and wedges (Garrison Dental Solutions)

Course details
Dr Van Lierop presents case studies and relevant materials supporting his practical approach to Class II’s. Using simplified techniques he shows how to create beautiful restorations that are predictable and don’t take hours to do, as well as how to achieve optimal interproximal contacts and contour.

Then he breaks out the typodont, Garrison matrix system and Ivoclar Vivadent restorative materials. Dr Van Lierop takes you step-by-step through an MO restoration. Particular attention focuses on taking maximum advantage of the new and unique materials provided for this course. He works on a predictable technique for MO/DO back-to-back restorations that will ensure timesaving and predictable results on these more challenging cases. He works on a simplified Class III technique using Garrisons anterior matrix system.

Course objectives
At the end of the course you will understand:
• The predictability of simplicity
• Speed vs quality: do we have to make a choice
• How we can Build horizontally
• The power of simple lines – Easy steps to create beautiful anatomy
• Achieving ideal interproximal contacts in the posterior and anterior
• Tips to solving the tricky cases that look impossible to do

Three hours x3 CE Hands-on (participation) credits after a quiz. Your certificate will be stored in your My Account profile page where your courses are listed.

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