Dr Andrew Ellis – Principles of Occlusion in Implantology

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In this informal Ivodent Lockdown Live Zoom session filmed Thurs 14 May 2020, Dr Ellis introduces us to the functional occlusion of the dynamic masticatory system – one of the most fascinating and important areas of study in dentistry.

It is the cornerstone of all dental treatment, regardless of which facet of dentistry you are talking about. In any multi-disciplinary approach, the occlusion remains of paramount importance in order to obtain a stable long term result.

This could not be more pertinent than in the field of Implantology.  It is important to appreciate that dental implants are not teeth, and for this reason cannot be expected to behave in the same way when put under occlusal load. They require different bio-mechanical considerations from natural teeth, and the importance of reducing overload and noxious forces on implants during functional mandibular movements cannot be underestimated.